May 8, 2011

happy mother's day

I feel like I should warn you before you start reading...
I'm feeling sentimental.
I can't help it - it's Mother's Day.

It's my second Mother's Day,
and already, I don't really remember a life before
our children came along.
It seems like they've always been here with us....
maybe, they have been...
and, maybe, I've always been their Mother. 

When does Motherhood begin?
Could it be when
the first prenatal vitamin is taken,
or a diet is changed,
or a list of baby names is made?
Maybe it starts much earlier 
with a first doll that is
toted around and cared for and loved.
Maybe, we are Mothers all along
just waiting for a child to enter our lives
so we can be recognized 
as part of that special society.

Today, let us celebrate 
all Mothers,
the beautiful assortment of women
who may not even realize the honor due them.

*those who have so many babies they don't know what to do
*those who have one baby they love more than anything
*those who are pregnant,
are trying to get pregnant
*those who are dealing with infertility
*those who have miscarried
*those who have adopted, 
are trying to adopt
*those who have been brave enough to recognize 
that they can't care for their baby
and have given that privilege to someone else
*those who are fostering
*those who are the best aunties
who live to love and spoil little nieces and nephews
*those who are step-mothers and have "stepped-up" 
to the challenges of sharing another mother's children 
and loving them as her own
*those whose babies are kittens or puppies
*those who have suffered the death of a child
and somehow found the strength to go on
*and those who have made peace with a childless future

You are all Mothers, 
and you all deserve honor on this day.

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