May 16, 2011

good news

"Good news," 
my Husband says to me, 
"there's a new rugby channel, 
and it's free!"

Me, "That's great."
(real sarcastic-like with an eye-roll)

You see, we've been known
to pay the extra $15/month 
for the Setanta channel
when a little thing called the
World Cup rolls around.
Good thing it's only every 4 years.

The thing is, 
I really don't mind watching rugby.

I pretend that I don't like it...
I don't know why...
probably just to give him a hard time.
(but, don't tell him I said so)

And, just to prove 
that I know what I'm talking about,
I came up with a few reasons 
why rugby isn't so bad:

Dan Carter

Richie McCaw

Ma'a Nonu

Who's this handsome guy?

 I hate to miss a good Haka.

And, he thought I wasn't paying attention.

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