January 3, 2012

Christmas Soiree and Festive Vintage Marketplace

So, I've been working on this post for quite a while now...

#1 lesson learned from my first sale...

Hire a professional photographer 
to take some really fabulous pictures, 
so that I don't have to spend 2 months editing
all the really crappy pictures I took really fast with my phone!

This adorable headboard
 made by Sarah Rausch,
 was the very first item to sell!

Julia Avera's beautifully sewn
iPod and iPhone bags...

and her beautiful quilt.

Mrs. Wynona Clayborne's lovely photographs...

I loved having Alicia Raney's paintings
hung throughout the house...

Jessica Webster's (Webster Wares)
handmade clay ornaments were a huge hit...

I love my new Winky Sugar bracelet
made by Kimberly Robinson...

We were honored to have
Horesfeathers jewelry at the sale.
Chelsea Farmer has recently been featured
in Martha Stewart's newsletter!

I think Chrisy Donoho of the Strawberry Patch 
sold every-single-one of her fabulous frames!

Sweet nativity set made by 
Becky Kittrell of Dogwood Layne...
I had to have this one!

Whitney Lane and Melissa Andrews of 
Beautifully Anew brought some beautiful pieces.
They do all the upholstery themselves!

Another favorite...
frames, chalkboards, and magnetic boards 
made by Tracy Collins of Tra Chic.
She hand cuts scrap metal 
to make each one of those fabulous flowers!

Janis Dooley had the house smelling so good
with her line of homemade soaps, body sprays, and chapsticks...

We were so thankful to have Linda Rausch
of Everyday Gourmet catering
with her delicious soups, salsas, and chips!

We had a packed house Friday night...
this is the line to check out,
and it went halfway through the house!
Thanks so much to all the new shoppers as well as
our faithful shoppers who show up at opening time of every sale!
You are so very appreciated, and
we wouldn't be able to do this without you!

I have a few sets of curtains left...

And, a few...



million pillows...
Seriously, is there no one out there who needs a pillow?

Some of my favorite things...
This rusty old bed-spring is still hanging in my living room
serving as a Christmas card holder!

These light fixtures made from
rusty, old cheese graters
are going into my dining room!

My mantel is beautifully decorated by
Beautifully Anew, The Strawberry Patch, and Dogwood Layne.

And, I love being a part of this group of
talented, hardworking, smart, goofy girls!

It was crazybusyfun,
and I can't wait to do it again next Christmas!

You'll find The Strawberry Patch at
The Vintage Marketplace
at the Hendersonville Expo Center
February 2-4.

The Strawberry Patch Spring Sale
will be held in Hartsville, TN
 April 26-28!

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