May 22, 2011

CSA Basket #4

Here's our latest share:
red curly lettuce
braising mix
another kind of lettuce
swiss chard
green onions
snap peas

The farm is now open to the public on Saturdays,
and the market is full of fabulous homemade goodies.
I couldn't resist a loaf of home baked bread,
a jar of pickled green tomatoes, and more mint.
(coming soon:  the perfect mojito)

Mrs. Peggy also did a cooking demonstration
with several of the different greens we've been receiving.
My favorite was this recipe for Parmesan & Garlic Kale Chips,
and I couldn't wait to try it when we got home.
I didn't realize we didn't have any kale in our baskets!
Maybe, Mrs. Peggy will let me come over and cut some this week.
Here's the recipe:

We didn't have a pickup last weekend,
but that didn't stop us from visiting the market.
We got there just in time to snatch the last
honey glazed strawberry shortcake!

We also couldn't live without:
swiss chard
blueberry muffin
green tomato relish
pickled jalepenos

Thank you, again,
Madison Creek Farm.

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