July 20, 2011

just eat

top ten reasons why 
he didn't want to eat his supper.....

10.  it's too hot (it wasn't)
9.  i want chips (there were chips on his plate)
8.  i don't like it (one of his favorite meals)
7.  i need to check on mater (mater was fine)
6.  i want yours (i was eating the same thing)
5.  that's not mine (as he pushed his plate away)
4.  i eat it all (i could see his plate) 
3. it's too heavy (as he "strained" to pick up a chip) 
2.  i want rock-we (broccoli - he didn't)
1.  it's too muddy 
(as in, a certain amount of muddiness 
is expected in my cooking, 
and this crossed the line)
could also be entitled...
top ten reasons why 
i opened a bottle of wine with dinner

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