April 24, 2011

madison creek farm

We are so excited to be participating in the CSA program
at Madison Creek Farm.

This weekend,
Peggy (thefemalefarmer) and Mark hosted
the first shareholders gathering of the season.
After a delicious lunch,
we walked around the beautiful farm,
met the other shareholders,
and filled our baskets to overflowing.

We met the chickens,

a silly goat,

and a friendly donkey.

We filled our baskets....

and, it really doesn't get any fresher than this.

We're happily enjoying our first share!

*green onions
*spring mix
*1/2 dozen farm eggs
(1 of them green!)
*homemade kim chi
(didn't make it into the picture
and was very delicious)

Thank you Madison Creek Farm!


  1. Home made kim chi! Love that! These gardens are just gorgeous. I CAN'T wait!!!!

  2. Yummy! So when are we invited for dinner???

  3. You are always invited for dinner!


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