April 9, 2011

barn sale invasion

So, the barn sale has officially invaded taken-over my house.

I have
dressers and bookshelves and quilt racks in the kitchen,
tables and tubs stacked in the dining room,
approximately 35 sewing projects I've started in my sewing room.

There are
at least 8 loads of laundry in the living room waiting to be folded,
and the dust bunnies have gotten so big
that I keep yelling for the cat to get out of the house!

I've been running around like mad-crazy
these past few weeks,
and I finally feel like things are coming together!

Here is a little sneak peak
at some of the goodies I'll have for sale
at the Strawberry Patch Barn Sale.

pretty burp cloths

wake-up rosemary

funky dresser and plant cart

wild world pillows

tea garden pillows

little nicey jane quilt


  1. I am so excited! Everything looks soooo cute!

  2. Wow, Jenny! Love it! This is gonna be so fun! :)

  3. Jenny- all your things are absolutely adorable! I'm going to have to see if I can make the sale this time around and would love to have a booth for the next sale!

  4. Thanks, guys! I'm sooo excited about the sale, and I can't wait to see all the other goodies!


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