February 22, 2011

off to a good start....

 Sometimes in the middle of trying to juggle 
sippy cups, bills, laundry, diapers, making time to take a shower 
(and who knows how long it's been since I brushed my teeth), 
it's easy to overlook the little things that make each day special.  

Today is not one of those days.
Today is off to a good great start!

* The kids slept all night. 
(They almost always do, and I am thankful for this every day.  
Mom says I shouldn't brag on them 
because children like to prove you wrong, 
but my kids are perfect.)

* I got up in time to make it to yoga.

* My sweet husband got up early 
to take care of the kiddos so I could go to the gym.

* I thought I was running late, 
but when I got in the car Van was singing Into the Mystic.  
I realized I was right on time.

* The yoga instructor was 
smoking a cigarette and drinking drinking Starbucks 
on the way into the gym. 

* I survived the yoga, pilates, and weight training classes.

* A sweet, little, old man ran ahead of me 
so that he could open the door as I was leaving.  
(a true gentlemen = an endangered species)

* I logged into my account to find that I have 4 followers!
Thanks guys - I hope your day is off to a good start as well!

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