February 23, 2011

Herb Garden

One of my favorite things to do each Spring is plant an herb garden. 

I love the feel of the different textures of the plants.
I love the fragrance that lingers on my hands 
even after they've been washed.
I love it when a plant is just so happy 
that it grows completely out of control.
I love walking by after a rain 
and smelling the spicy-sweet mixture of scents.
I love being able to go right outside my kitchen door
in the middle of cooking
and clipping just what I need to make the meal complete.  
Usually, I buy most of my plants.
But, sometimes, 
when I'm feeling really green-thumby,
I try to start a few indoors. 
And, if I succeed, 
my sense of accomplishment 
is nothing short of ridiculous. 

It's amazing to watch a tiny seed
grow into a beautiful, vibrant, hardy plant.

This year we are trying 
sweet basil,  flat-leaf parsley, and beefsteak tomato seeds 
in our Jiffy greenhouse, 
and guess what...... 

We have tomato sprouts coming up already...

 and this little rascal is ready to plant them,

and this little rascal is ready to eat them!


  1. I LOVE reading your blog!!! Maybe one day I'll start blogging again too!!

  2. ...and thanks for posting pictures of your precious children! So cute!!!


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