March 22, 2011

pretty pictures

When I think of my favorite photos, 
they are usually the ones 
caught in an in-between moment.
You know the ones 
when no one is paying attention to the camera,
and there are no fake smiles 
or squinty eyes.   
The ones where everyone is just being,
for a quick second,
before the next picture,
just themselves.

Recently, I've had several people ask
if I would recommend a good photographer.
Of course, I will!
How about 5?


I'll start with Brooke Rainey.  
She is an amazing photographer 
with a special talent for "capturing personalities." 
This little guy has some of the best "expressions,"
and I still can't get over how she was able 
to capture so many of them.

When I asked Wendy Hardin 
to do a maternity/family session for us, 
she was so excited
that I wanted to have a bed out in a field
that she showed up 
with a couple of feather pillows!
Who doesn't love a pillow fight?
If you are looking for fun and creative, 
she's your girl! 


The next ones are by Lisa Slate.
I call her the "baby whisperer"
because newborns are definitely her specialty.


...also by Lisa Slate.
She is so dedicated that
even a severe thunderstorm didn't stop her from
getting these fabulous photos!   


I just couldn't wait 
to have photos of our newly expanded family, 
and these taken by Laurel Pankratz
made me so happy!
It was just a fun and relaxed afternoon at the park.


Lastly, I am eagerly awaiting a session with
Monique Porter scheduled for this Summer.  
After looking at her portfolio, 
I'm completely confident 
in recommending her beforehand!


So, now, you have my top 5 recommendations.
Who is your favorite photographer?

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